McPepe's has a vision to revolutionize the world of memes as we know it. The mission is simple, yet ambitious: and begins by bringing every possible variation of the legendary Pepe meme to the masses. With our custom AI infrastructure, we have the capacity to produce 2,000,000 Pepes each day. We believe that the true essence of the Pepe meme lies in its boundless creativity and adaptability. That's why we're excited to invite you to join us in the journey of bringing new Pepes to the world. By opening McPepe's to the public with free image generations on launch day, we're giving every creative mind a chance to contribute to the growth and evolution of the Pepe meme. If you want to keep your Pepe forever, mint it as an NFT into the official collection. McPepe's makes generating a Pepe quick and effortless. Simply submit your order, and within seconds, a unique Pepe will be created by our AI technology. In addition to our groundbreaking image generation technology, McPepe's is launching with an ERC-20 token on Ethereum called $PEPES. The token is designed to incentivize the creation of the highest quality Pepes possible and to manage the resource constraints associated with generating millions of Pepes per day. We are proud to announce a fair launch, with 100% of all tokens deployed onto Uniswap on day one. As our ecosystem evolves through new AI meme models and token utility, we look forward to engaging with users to shape the future of McPepe's.

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